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We offer a wide range of specialist automotive courses such as LPG, hybrid, Air conditioning, diesel common rail technology, forklift LPG installation, service, and repair. Automotive body repair, We also offer a partnership training program in certificate III in Automotive Technology and other courses.

 Skills Recognition Program Available

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Qualification Info

AUR20218- Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology

Qualification Info

AUR32116- Certificate III in Automotive Body repair Technology

Qualification Info

AUR20218- Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology

Qualification Info

AUR32016- Certificate III in Automotive Alternative Fuel Technology

Qualification Info

AUR30616- Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology

Qualification Info

AUR32116 - Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology

Qualification Info

AUR32416 - Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology

Qualification Info


Qualification Info

AURSS00032 - Automotive LPG Installation, Service and Repair

Qualification Info

Will Be Available Soon*

Qualification Info

Will Be Available Soon*

Qualification Info

Will Be Available Soon*

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New Hybrid Technology.

UTA Institute of Technology (UTAIT) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that specialises in automotive training, UTAIT is an ideal training provider for those who aim at advancing their skills and knowledge in the automotive repair industry.

Student Feedback

"Feedback, helps UTAIT move closer to the educational goals and can consider effective to improve for better and meet those standards ”

Training Director

"We work with you to identify your strength areas for improvement and preparation demands. We will then customize a plan that conforms to the demands of the relevant Training Package and your expectation


" The class teacher always aims to provide me with the best possible experience during class time. The class activities are very different from those in a traditional category


" Through this course, I learned a bunch about the correct practical knowledge that we necessitate to know in a correct fashion. , Personally, I enjoy this course and the trainer highly experience person I could notice him as a lexicon of knowledge he amazed me. I could seek help any time after the course very friendly environment.


" I enjoy the course with UTAIT;

I observed a lot of knowledge that I need to recognise about the air-conditioning, the practical side of this course highly recommended, excellence learning environment.


" This course helped me a lot, successfully I develop my business after I polish off this class today my business income grow after I complete this class, thanks for the trainer, he provides me with the excellent practical knowledge, when I set out the class I wasn't assured of the quality of the private school during the course I switch my mind highly recommended, thanks for everyone.

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